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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facebook founder has a stalker!?!?! NO WAY!!!!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire on the planet. He was also Time’s Person of the Year for 2010 and is a real life Revenge of the Nerds story.

The unauthorized Oscar nominated movie about the creation of Facebook made him more famous than he already was, it even landed him a spot on Saturday Night Live.

Then he learned what many rich people and people who have won the lottery already know.  Crazy people will find new ways to try to spend your money.  In Zuckerberg’s case, it was a dude named Pradeep who wanted to be his new best friend.  I’m going to go ahead and assume when everyone on the planet knows you have a billion dollars, it is a pretty good idea to keep a little security around, but Pradeep figured out how to cut through all of that.  He camped out in front of the Facebook offices, he sent messages to Mark Zuckerberg and his sister, he even sent flowers and a hand written message to the Facebook founder and showed up at his house.  People are getting all freaked out by his messages, check it out.

Now see, that looks like the random ramblings of a desperate man, but we know his shit just caught up by Google translate.  Pradeep saw the Social Network and knows the early versions of Facebook were all about hooking up with the ladies.  He jumped on Facebook and is doing the Facebook version of drunk dialing on his account, he’s poking girls he doesn’t know, he hit the “like” button three times when some chick said “I am feeling :( “.  Dude just doesn’t have his game tight and wanted to get the man who can do anything on Facebook to help him out.  A shot at the ladies can make you do some crazy things.
Unfortunately for him, Zuckerberg wasn’t feeling it.  So he hit him with a restraining order, or in Facebook terms:

Or in case Pradeep didn’t get the message the first time, Mark also hit the REALLY dislike button.

The funny thing is, Mark created the worlds largest stalking platform.  Do you know how many cyberstalkers and obsessive people were created once it was possible to flip through every though, interest, photo and friend a person has?  Before the privacy settings were tightened up it was the wild, wild west out there.  Now that he’s getting stalked, he’s getting all nervous about it.  Hey Mark, dude snuck up behind you!

Just playing man, why are you so nervous? Just shut your account down and he won’t be able to get to you.  Oh my bad, it is damn near impossible to do that.  I forgot. You ought to fix that.

~Random Blogger

Thursday, January 6, 2011

America! Fuck Yeah!

Found out about the news sometime in mid December. Never finish my ranting blog until now. Not really a true soccer fan but I will watch the world cup here and there to catch some USA action because I am a true homer. That's what make USA great right? Fuck yeah! Homerism USA!

We want to be the best in everything. Unfortunately, soccer is not one of them and to rubbed salt on the wounds of thousands of usa soccer fans and when i said a thousand. I meant 1,000 because there's not really large fan base. We lost the bid to host it.

Everytime Soccer tries to make some strides in America, something comes along that just doesn’t make any sense. We had one hot game in the World Cup earlier last year and got some attention for the US Soccer team, then we promptly got beat and bounced from the tourney. Then we had a major bid for the games in 2022…and we lost. To Qatar. Other than being a great play in Scrabble if you don’t have any U’s, Qatar is as random as it gets. First, I don’t care how smart you are, I know none of you know where the hell Qatar is. Hell after this map, you still might not know where it is, but here it is.

Qatar is literally a minuscule nipple off Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf.  It is smaller than the state of Connecticut, and I’m pretty sure more people showed up for Obama’s Inauguration than live in the Country of Qatar. What the hell was FIFA thinking here?

The money must really be flowing over there.  Qatar won the big for 2022 by building a stadium that looks like a giant shell, a stadium that has skin wrapped around the outside that will act as a giant television, and one that looks like a giant boat.  Which sounds crazy, but kinda looks like it might fit in based on what the place currently looks like.

They should just build a tea cup too.  Does anyone have any confidence this little country will be able to build all of this in the 12 years necessary?  You know they aren’t really looking to hire a lot of people for this, it will either be build or leave.  Everyone in Qatar is about to be in the construction business.  Oh, and there won’t be many Jews attending the game as it is law in Qatar that no citizen of Isreal is allowed in the country.
What is the threat level going to be during these games?  How are they going to guarantee safety in a country within a missile attack of being wiped off the map?  Brilliant move.  I guess America can try again in for the 2026 games.  Next time we will bring out all the stops and make sure Morgan Freeman doesn’t mess up the speech this time.

Of course, when a decision like this is made, everyone suspects foul play. They think it was all a bribe. They believe there was money flying around. Well Money does talks and Bull shit walks.

Oh, and before I go, I got a new ride, peep it.
What? Everyone doesn’t have gold plated Ferraris?

~ Random Blogger

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tetris car accident?!?

High performance 4X4s; low performance drivers. Fortunately the video will help the judge determine charges for each idiot! And I thought people in Colorado knew how to drive in the snow!