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Friday, December 31, 2010

Caught my chameleon acting bizarre

Feed him some earth worm. Guess it didn't sit too well in his stomach haha. He looks very STONED.

P.S. Like my free status wrist bandz advertisement? Yeah take that google. I didn't have to pay for it!

~ Random Blogger

Useless Ninja

This video is actually pretty cool, but this dude picked a really interesting profession. There is a full on “Holy Shit” moment when he breaks out the dice at around the 2:00 mark. There is also a lowlight when he breaks out the toilet paper juggling. I’m pretty sure of two things...

1. He has hit himself in the head more than once with that stick.

2. If he can do the Frisbee trick with a ninja star, he can kill you without you even knowing

~ Random Blogger

Monday, December 6, 2010

Giving Silly bandz a run for their money

Tired of people always asking you how your feeling? Well don't talk about it. Wear it!

The next hottest thing to hit the market, Status Wrist Bandz not only look good, but they tell people how your feeling today.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

How to identify a closet SLUT!!!

I’ve never had the urge to go to shoot my own turkey, and I didn’t know you needed a turkey caller to get the job done.  Apparently, not many people are aware of how to use turkey callers and live TV is not where you want to be when you try to figure it out.

First of all, the guy who did it properly was a little too “Shake weight” for me.  That would have been questionable on its own, but ol girl took it to another level.  Now that chick knew that did not need to go into her mouth.  That two handed grip and hand positioning was phenomenal though. Blame it on the muscle memory or it's just a force of habit. Now everyday can be a turkey day.

~ Random Blogger

Monday, November 15, 2010

Si se puedes! More like No Se Puedes: Pacquaio vs Margarito thoughts, complaint, ranting, and whatever. Just read my blog

Manny Pacquaio keeps on handling his business, taking all of the fights no one really wants to see.  First he beat up Josh Clottey, in a fight that no one gave a damn about, and Saturday night he whooped the hell out of Antonio Margarito. Here's a recap
That's the rated G Image and now for the gruesome images.
Wait for it.........

I love comparing the pre-fight talk about Manny Pacquaio to the post fight interviews.  Pre-fight, Margarito was talking a lot of junk.  He was the bigger man, he was bringing Mexican pride into the ring, he had a crazy height advantage, a huge reach advantage and was the way bigger man bringing 17 extra pounds into the ring. But none of that mattered, especially when you can’t really hit the guy in the ring with you.  Pacquaio made him look bad, really bad.

Margarito had one thing going for him. He knew at the beginning of this fight he was not going down and was not going to quit.  Unfortunately, it might have just cost him the rest of his career.  Everyone saw Margarito’s face blow up, but now we know he also ended up with a fractured orbital bone, and he really couldn’t see out of either eye by the end of the fight. The pandejo who has too much pride is expected to undergo surgery Tuesday to repair a fractured eye socket

Seen here rushing to the hospital after the fight.

Karma is a Bitch!

Even Manny was trying to get the ref to shut it down. You know you are whoopin ass when you are the one asking the ref to let you stop whooping ass…I mean you’re in a fight.  Your job is to whoop ass.  The really crazy thing is that boxing has very specific and narrow weight classes for a reason.  There is a huge advantage based on weight.  Manny just won a 154 pound belt against a guy who weighed 165 in the unofficial weigh in by weighing in at 144 at the weigh in and putting on another 4 pounds before the fight.  Margarito just got his ass kicked by a 5’6″ 144 pound dude.  I know there are rules and this is a sport, but a 5’11″ dude who probably walks around at 175 or so and is a professional fighter shouldn’t get beat up by a guy that size.

I guess Margarito isn’t such a badass without the bricks in his hands.
I wonder how many of his wins came because of the plaster of paris wraps instead of the actual skill. Was he a cheater his whole career, or just when he thought he was slowing down.  The technique was brilliant, plaster that hardens as you sweat?  In boxing, that pretty much raises a sport to assault with a deadly weapon.  That is what keeps boxing the dirtiest sport out there.  They find all kinds of new ways to cheat all the time.  Drugging the opposition, weights in the wraps, loaded gloves, roids.  Anything goes.  I’m calling for another retirement tonight.  Margarito has hopefully figured out that taking a good asswhoopin doesn’t make you a man.  Margarito might have just ended his career by fighting with one eye on Saturday.
But now back to the real question.  Is Money Mayweather gonna stop hitting late night McDonalds with 50 Cent long enough to take the last important fight ever?
It seems like Pacquaio is game, Money Mayweather knows he can take a punch after that Sugar Shane fight, so let’s just go ahead and make this happen.
Let’s agree on the blood tests, the hype is at a fever pitch and there is no other fight anyone cares about anymore.  I know Floyd Mayweather is a cocky bastard,
but you have got to believe he’s paid attention to the fact that everyone who has decided to get in the ring with Manny finds out that the little man is packing a lot more heat than they thought he did.  He can’t think he’s the only one who knows how to deal with PacMan.  The best part about this fight is that in boxing, speed leaves all at once.  I know Floyd knows how to hide, and he looks like one of the fastest ever, but someone in that ring is going to look slow.  This fight means that someone is going to go Roy Jones Jr. and catch an asswhoopin in this one.  These guys need to man up and make it happen. It is the only fight that matters, all the rest of this is just window dressing.  Someone name another boxer you care about…exactly.

~ Random Blogger

Friday, November 12, 2010

That is some Fcuk up sh!t you are wearing! That's What It Is

I consider myself to be a fashionable guy. But sometimes it just goes too far.  Thom Browne is famous for going too far.  He was the dude the makes people rock the highwater pants with the tight jackets.  I don’t want to say that Gilt Groupe tries to pawn off B.S. on people, but Thom Browne has gone too damn far.  You’ve got to peep this stuff. Let’s talk with the basic gear.

can barely sort this one out.  I mean I don’t know where you rock the full plaid outfit, but let me start to break this down.  First of all the shirt plaid and the pants plaid doesn’t match.  Second, the guy have the Prince blousey cuffs going?  There is also a bowtie hidden somewhere in this picture, if you can find it in a

Highlight magazine. Let’s call this one, “whoop my ass, please”

Where is a grown man going to wear that outfit?  Unless you are a 4 year old on your way to get your picture taken on Easter, and you have a mother that hates you, you shouldn’t have on this outfit.  You know what, I don’t even think you would get your ass whooped in that outfit, people especailly hetero homophobic mens would just be scared to get too close.  You don’t want to make contact with a man showing that much thigh.

That’s right, full on calf length man skirt.  With socks.  This it that straight up 1950′s librarian woredrobe here.  What is this supposed to achieve?  What kind of meeting would you rock this outfit to?  A “please fire me” meeting?  A “I really don’t want this job” meeting?  How about “I’m not fit to serve on this jury”?  Or, “Mom, Dad, I’ve got something to tell you.”

There is only one place you can wear this where it wouldn’t be ridiculous.  That place is the 1950′s.  And they still would have wanted you to wear some socks. 

I know what you are thinking.  This looks bad.  Light green on top, pink on the bottom and some hot yellow in the middle, but wait it gets worse.  Check the back.

Where on earth would you wear that to? Then there is this.

The model looks like he scared himself.  Even Morpheus thinks that jacket looks ridiculous.

Speechless right Morpheus?

I promise that if I ever see any of you wearing anything resembling any of this gear, I will walk right up to you and let you know that you look like an asshole.  it is the least I can do.

~ Random Blogger

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Give Me Some Chon Chon Pussy Cat

It's hilarious how broken the human mind is. Here we have a video of animal rape. But it's cute and funny. If it were humans involved instead of cats and dogs it would be international theatre. We're just so weird aren't we?

This type of stuff is like prison sex, cause let's face it, cats and dogs are like prisoners in a house hold and they'll do one another cause there's no other option!

~ Random Blogger

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

White Mamba

Discover this hideous photoshoot back in May thanks to clutchfans forum. I want to do a little rant about it since the NBA season just kicked off last week. I know I'm a little late but it's my blog and you are reading about it. Doesn't that make you a little late on the subject too? Haha anways on to the subject.

Have you ever done something, and you thought it was really hot when you did it?  You thought you looked really cool, or were being really funny, or you were rocking that hat?  But then you look back or see it in a picture it doesn’t quite come out the way you thought it would?  Well, Kobe Bryant did some “high fashion” pictures in the LA Times, and I don’t think this is what he was going for.  Let’s start with the basics, first of all Kobe Bryant can actually dress himself and has a good sense of fashion.  For some reason the LA Times thought they could improve on it.  FAIL.

What exactly are they going for on this one?    I mean fine, the gear isn’t really doing anything, but what exactly is that look on his face supposed to convey?  Is that his version of “model blank“?  Or is he trying to hold back the bubble guts?  Wait, it gets much worse.

Kobe: The Nomad.  And doesn’t Kobe have tattoos?  The real problem is they over-photoshopped this dude like they thought they were smoothing out Angel Lola Luv’s booty.  I know what you are thinking. It can't get any worse.  You better believe because I’m about to blow your mind.
Wait for it…

WTF?!?!?  IS he serious?  How do I even break this down?  He looks like your neighborhood flamboyant Ice Cream Man.  The hat is a bad idea to begin with, but to rock it over a headband is an even worse idea.  That look on his face is the worst.  Once again?  What is he going for?  Did he just get done saying “Whatchu talkin bout Willis“?  Look, I don’t want to talk about things that that are out of people’s control, but he’s gone so wrong with the things he was in control of, I feel like I have a license to go all the way.  When someone has eyes that don’t necessarily look in the same direction all the time, the sexy slow stare into the camera might not be the look you want.

Worse.  No words.
Except for the fact that the internet is already all over it.  So there are these gems.
National Geographic Kobe
Kobe as the Mad Hatter:


And Moonwalker Kobe.

Kobe, I hope you win the championship again this year since my rockets are nowhere near it, because people are going to be clowning you for a long, long time.

By people I mean me.
And by a long, long time…I mean forever.
These are going on the hard drive.

~ Random Blogger

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy belated birthday Nintendo.

Mann how time flew by like no tomorrow. Just the other day I uncovered an ad in Target with a nintendo wii console package with the new "Super Mario Bros. Wii".
You don't see that kind of deal since the NES and Super NES days

Why is Nintendo being so generous to offer a Mario title with a console purchase after all these years? Oh it's just another way to market sales or maybe to celebrate their 25th anniversary....

Ok logo seal. You got me. The video game industry as of now is dominated by the Wii. Nintendo Wii system was released back in 2006, and has since been blowing away its competition in Sony and Microsoft.

The Wii is the system that children of this generation will remember for years to come.For the people of our generation, that console was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In the 70s and early 80s, the big man on campus in terms of console gaming was the Atari 2600.
Oh man would you look at that rainbow logo? Doesn't it just scream out "FUN"? Haha

Back when it was released, people referred to video games as a whole as “Atari.” While the system did suffer from technical issues, the games resonated with players and to this day, the system sold about 30 million units up until 2004, according to the 2004 Video Game Price Guide. It says a lot that NES, released October 18, 1985, could come out of nowhere and sell twice as many systems to this day, selling 61.78 million systems up until 2005 according to Nintendo sales numbers.

While the technical aspects of the system are equally worthy of praise, the bottom line is that the NES was a system that was easy to pick up and play, and fun enough to keep you playing. The controller was very simple.

It had five buttons: a control pad, Start, Select, A, and B. This simple control layout appealed to many people who didn’t play games much, and still appeals to people today.

While the system may have had simple controllers, the real draw of the NES was the impressive game lineup. Many games became classics that still stand among the best games of all time. My all time favorite NES game were Super Mario Bros.

The classic game that helped to make the system into what it was, and still is. I’ve probably beaten it 50 times. Every time I play it, it’s always entertaining even though it’s always the same thing. I remember my friend had a TV set up in his room with a NES hooked up to it. It was there that I experienced my first video game: Duck Hunt.

With the chunky orange NES Zapper plugged into the console and tightly gripped in my hand, I took aim at the ducks that flew onto the screen.

After the ducks fell down behind the bushes, my trusty dog companion popped up with the bird in its mouth and a big smile on his face.

Of course I cheated a couple of times to beat my high score and I know we all did. Don't tell me you never have the gun touching the monitor and trace where ever the duck go.

That moment gave me a sense of accomplishment. Minus the cheating part. I had control, and I achieved what I set out to do, and now several years later I am still a passionate gamer and proud to be one.

So I wish the NES a very happy belated 25th birthday. Through the incredibly fun and the somewhat frustrating times you know? Where you have to blow the cartridge, beat it, clean it with alchol, store it in the friedge and what not to have the game working.

You have always been great. Even after 25 years, you continue to entertain us, and here’s hoping for 25 more years of fun and entertainment and for those who haven't gotten the wii console yet, now is the best time.

~ Random Blogger

Random Blogger?!?! *arm raise," Present"!

Random Blogger here to introduce myself aka the best popular blog in the history of the internets period. RB is a cross between your best friend and your irritably wise uncle — meaning that he is almost never wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it. So all in all, I do the blogging and you guys do the reading/debating/love me long time. K? Okay good good goood.

~ Random Blogger