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Friday, November 12, 2010

That is some Fcuk up sh!t you are wearing! That's What It Is

I consider myself to be a fashionable guy. But sometimes it just goes too far.  Thom Browne is famous for going too far.  He was the dude the makes people rock the highwater pants with the tight jackets.  I don’t want to say that Gilt Groupe tries to pawn off B.S. on people, but Thom Browne has gone too damn far.  You’ve got to peep this stuff. Let’s talk with the basic gear.

can barely sort this one out.  I mean I don’t know where you rock the full plaid outfit, but let me start to break this down.  First of all the shirt plaid and the pants plaid doesn’t match.  Second, the guy have the Prince blousey cuffs going?  There is also a bowtie hidden somewhere in this picture, if you can find it in a

Highlight magazine. Let’s call this one, “whoop my ass, please”

Where is a grown man going to wear that outfit?  Unless you are a 4 year old on your way to get your picture taken on Easter, and you have a mother that hates you, you shouldn’t have on this outfit.  You know what, I don’t even think you would get your ass whooped in that outfit, people especailly hetero homophobic mens would just be scared to get too close.  You don’t want to make contact with a man showing that much thigh.

That’s right, full on calf length man skirt.  With socks.  This it that straight up 1950′s librarian woredrobe here.  What is this supposed to achieve?  What kind of meeting would you rock this outfit to?  A “please fire me” meeting?  A “I really don’t want this job” meeting?  How about “I’m not fit to serve on this jury”?  Or, “Mom, Dad, I’ve got something to tell you.”

There is only one place you can wear this where it wouldn’t be ridiculous.  That place is the 1950′s.  And they still would have wanted you to wear some socks. 

I know what you are thinking.  This looks bad.  Light green on top, pink on the bottom and some hot yellow in the middle, but wait it gets worse.  Check the back.

Where on earth would you wear that to? Then there is this.

The model looks like he scared himself.  Even Morpheus thinks that jacket looks ridiculous.

Speechless right Morpheus?

I promise that if I ever see any of you wearing anything resembling any of this gear, I will walk right up to you and let you know that you look like an asshole.  it is the least I can do.

~ Random Blogger