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Monday, November 15, 2010

Si se puedes! More like No Se Puedes: Pacquaio vs Margarito thoughts, complaint, ranting, and whatever. Just read my blog

Manny Pacquaio keeps on handling his business, taking all of the fights no one really wants to see.  First he beat up Josh Clottey, in a fight that no one gave a damn about, and Saturday night he whooped the hell out of Antonio Margarito. Here's a recap
That's the rated G Image and now for the gruesome images.
Wait for it.........

I love comparing the pre-fight talk about Manny Pacquaio to the post fight interviews.  Pre-fight, Margarito was talking a lot of junk.  He was the bigger man, he was bringing Mexican pride into the ring, he had a crazy height advantage, a huge reach advantage and was the way bigger man bringing 17 extra pounds into the ring. But none of that mattered, especially when you can’t really hit the guy in the ring with you.  Pacquaio made him look bad, really bad.

Margarito had one thing going for him. He knew at the beginning of this fight he was not going down and was not going to quit.  Unfortunately, it might have just cost him the rest of his career.  Everyone saw Margarito’s face blow up, but now we know he also ended up with a fractured orbital bone, and he really couldn’t see out of either eye by the end of the fight. The pandejo who has too much pride is expected to undergo surgery Tuesday to repair a fractured eye socket

Seen here rushing to the hospital after the fight.

Karma is a Bitch!

Even Manny was trying to get the ref to shut it down. You know you are whoopin ass when you are the one asking the ref to let you stop whooping ass…I mean you’re in a fight.  Your job is to whoop ass.  The really crazy thing is that boxing has very specific and narrow weight classes for a reason.  There is a huge advantage based on weight.  Manny just won a 154 pound belt against a guy who weighed 165 in the unofficial weigh in by weighing in at 144 at the weigh in and putting on another 4 pounds before the fight.  Margarito just got his ass kicked by a 5’6″ 144 pound dude.  I know there are rules and this is a sport, but a 5’11″ dude who probably walks around at 175 or so and is a professional fighter shouldn’t get beat up by a guy that size.

I guess Margarito isn’t such a badass without the bricks in his hands.
I wonder how many of his wins came because of the plaster of paris wraps instead of the actual skill. Was he a cheater his whole career, or just when he thought he was slowing down.  The technique was brilliant, plaster that hardens as you sweat?  In boxing, that pretty much raises a sport to assault with a deadly weapon.  That is what keeps boxing the dirtiest sport out there.  They find all kinds of new ways to cheat all the time.  Drugging the opposition, weights in the wraps, loaded gloves, roids.  Anything goes.  I’m calling for another retirement tonight.  Margarito has hopefully figured out that taking a good asswhoopin doesn’t make you a man.  Margarito might have just ended his career by fighting with one eye on Saturday.
But now back to the real question.  Is Money Mayweather gonna stop hitting late night McDonalds with 50 Cent long enough to take the last important fight ever?
It seems like Pacquaio is game, Money Mayweather knows he can take a punch after that Sugar Shane fight, so let’s just go ahead and make this happen.
Let’s agree on the blood tests, the hype is at a fever pitch and there is no other fight anyone cares about anymore.  I know Floyd Mayweather is a cocky bastard,
but you have got to believe he’s paid attention to the fact that everyone who has decided to get in the ring with Manny finds out that the little man is packing a lot more heat than they thought he did.  He can’t think he’s the only one who knows how to deal with PacMan.  The best part about this fight is that in boxing, speed leaves all at once.  I know Floyd knows how to hide, and he looks like one of the fastest ever, but someone in that ring is going to look slow.  This fight means that someone is going to go Roy Jones Jr. and catch an asswhoopin in this one.  These guys need to man up and make it happen. It is the only fight that matters, all the rest of this is just window dressing.  Someone name another boxer you care about…exactly.

~ Random Blogger


  1. damn that was a long post, great work and very entertaining
    keep up the good work

  2. Great post. waiting for more updates

  3. Yep, I saw parts of the fight, and I'd agree in saying that Margarito pretty much got buttowned.

  4. That's a low bitch move to mock Roach. Glad he got what he was served. Too bad it wasn't more.