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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Social sharing and storage has never been made this easy or Quickly.

To all my friends and lurkers who have visit my page from time to time. I know i haven't been blogging lately or at all. I'm currently working on a new project that is fixing to be launch soon. So if you have the time please take a look at my new mobile app at www.itquickly.com .

It's a mobile cloud app for your mobile devices. No more having to worry about buying an sd card only to get it corrupted or having to transfer everything off your phone to free up some space. Great tool to have if you need to download stuff from your cloud whenever you buy a new device. All you have to do is select the files and swipe to your phone icon to download from your cloud or select and swipe the other way to upload files from your phone to the cloud.

Another great feature it has is whenever you are at a social gathering and you want to see who else is using the app. You can check the local tab and send them a friend request to start sharing. Great way for Brett favre to send his junk pic to all the ladies in the room. Of course it's up to the recipient to accept it at their own risk.

Another cool feature is when anytime someone takes a photo of you and your friends and upload to their cloud. Everybody who is tagged will get a copy sent out to their clouds.

It's like dropbox but more social user friendly for mobile. Later on we'll implement more features.

The beta will have a storage limit of 2gb. After we launch the final product you can upgrade to our other plans. The plans are

Basic 2gb Free

Silver 10gb 2.99/month

gold 50gb 5.99/month

platinum 100gb 9.99/month

Also please like and share us on your facebook page. Thank you

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